South Brisbane Cemetery

151 years

of rich history in the heart of Brisbane

The South Brisbane Cemetery has had many ups and downs since it opened back in 1870, from the proud early years as a grand municpal cemetery, to its sad decline during the later part of the 20th century, and then its resurgence as a heritage-listed site that is attracting renewed public interest.

Our Tours

We run (not-for-profit) history tours on Fridays and other selected days at South Brisbane Cemetery and other south-east cemeteries, such as Toowong, Mount Gravatt and Ipswich. Our tours sell out and earn rave reviews – check out our (genuine) testimonials. Your tour options include…

FOSBC Guardian Angels

Our popular ‘Guardian Angels’ community activity invites members of the public to the cemetery once a month to help clean and tidy the old graves there. 

It has been wonderful to witness so many different people, young and old, come together to discover the very satisfying experience of washing off an old headstone to again reveal something of its former glory to the world. In the process, the Guardian Angels have made a very visible improvement to the overall cemetery, and many have learned to love the place and become frequent visitors.

Tour Testimonials

"Very enjoyable"

“Was a very enjoyable and informative night, made even more special as I was able to attend with newly found family.”

"A fantastic night"

“It was a fantastic night, thank you for all your information.”

"A real walking history class"

“I am booked to come again on 25 May and I’m looking forward to it. Keep up the good work. You are an awesome team! Thank you.”