Cleaning Equipment

We use:

  • Soft cloths or soft bristle brushes.
  • Water only.
  • Plastic or wooden scrapers (not metal) to remove lichen and moss growth.

We can provide most cleaning equipment on Guardian Angels days, but to ensure adequate numbers, please bring these along if you can:

cleaning equipment

We do not: 

  • Use equipment such as high-powered gernies or other sand-blasting or high-pressure water-blasting equipment because they can easily damage monument surfaces.
  • Use hard wire brushes, steel wool or other harsh abrasives as these can also damage monument surfaces. Scratches in the surfaces will encourage the growth of moss or lichen.
  • Use chemicals such as bleach and ‘Gone in 30 Seconds’-type cleaners. These can harm the stone in the long-term. We acknowledge that graves are home to various forms of wildlife, however small, and so we try to take an environmentally-friendly approach.