Day Tours

We run morning and twilight tours on a range of subjects in various historical cemeteries. You can check this page and our social media to keep up to date on which cemetery day tours we have planned.

Headstone Detectives
Date TBA
Learn about researching and finding deceased family members in the cemetery. Topics include general cemetery history; relocated graves; removed headstones of  the 1970s; mapping and locating graves; government graves; war graves; and issues with existing records. There will be a post-tour info session to check records and find graves. 

The Irish of South Brisbane Cemetery
Date TBA
Join us for a special tour after St Patrick’s Day as we visit the graves of some of the many Irish people laid to rest within this beautiful and historical cemetery. Hear the stories of murderers, community leaders, poor farmers, ships captains, 19th-century sectarianism, and Catholic superstitions and symbolism. 

The Gaol and the Graveyard
Date TBA
Explore the history of the nearby Boggo Road Gaol and its many connections with the South Brisbane Cemetery. We will visit the graves of prisoners, warders, and prison chiefs to tell a dramatic story of the notorious prison.

The Dying Arts
Date TBA
Visit the graves of the talented poets, musicians, painters, writers and sculptors who lie within the South Brisbane Cemetery and hear their stories. Stops include Oscar Friström, James Brunton Stephens and Harold Parker.

South Brisbane Cemetery: A Walk Through Time
Date TBA
This special tour traces over 150 years of cemetery history from the 1870s to the modern day, highlighting key periods from that time, including the founding of the cemetery, subsequent floods, diseases, wars, prisons, cemetery expansion, and the eventual decline and rebirth of this beautiful heritage-listed place.

Kurilpa and the Cemetery
Date TBA
‘Tragic endings and peaceful farewells, household names remembered and forgotten.’ Join guide Paul Granville for a special cemetery tour exploring stories of Kurilpa. Paul has been a resident of Highgate Hill for over 35 years and has been researching local history for some 8 years. He regularly publishes the results of this research in his blog Vignettes of Highgate Hill.

A Grave History of Dutton Park
Date TBA
Dutton Park has (quite surprisingly) one of the richest histories of any Brisbane suburb. It has been home to a cemetery, shanty town, thriving suburban resort, prisons, a bakery hub, trains and trams and ferries, and all sorts of government reserves and institutions. This tour explores that history by visiting the graves of old time residents, telling the story of the suburb through their lives.

The Scots of South Brisbane Cemetery
Date TBA

The Stonemasons of South Brisbane Cemetery
Date TBA
Join us for a guided tour around the cemetery looking at the works (and some of the graves) of Brisbane’s historical monumental masons. Discover the talents of some truly talented craftsmen, and the changing trends of monuments over time.

Discovering Cemetery Symbols
Date TBA
Did you know there are over 30 different plants represented on headstones in the cemetery? Join us for this special guided tour looking at the many different symbols that can be found on the monuments in there, and learn about their history and meaning, trends over time, and how to identify them. 

The War Graves of South Brisbane Cemetery
Date TBA
During this special tour you will visit the resting places of those who served during times of war and learn about their stories. You will also learn how to identify the many different forms of military memorials and symbols in this this beautiful and historical cemetery.

The Many Sides of Mt Gravatt Cemetery
Date TBA
A special tour of this historical and amazingly diverse cemetery, looking at the history and cultures behind the graves. We will visit the graves of early residents, explore some of the different religious/ethnic sections, and view some of the wonderful monuments to be found within there.

Private and Easy Access Tours

We can organise private cemetery day tours just for your own group of friends. We also run Easy Access tours for groups with mobility issues. You can select any available tour type you want. Minimum cost is $150 for up to 15 people (extra people $10 per person).

All our tours are not-for-profit and run by the Friends of South Brisbane Cemetery (Inc.) in a community partnership with the Boggo Road Gaol Historical Society (Inc.). Tours are conducted under license from the Brisbane City Council. All profits go towards our cemetery heritage projects and FOSBC community activities.

Please contact with your queries.

These are not-for-profit Real History tours that respect historical accuracy and cemetery values.