The first phase of the Friends of South Brisbane Cemetery (or FOSBC) began in 2005 when the group was created by three local women who were concerned about the neglected state of the cemetery. During the next few years they tidied and recorded every grave and did a huge amount of work. The current phase of the group began in May 2017, when – after a two-year hiatus – the FOSBC was established as an incorporated association. A successful range of new history and community events were initiated, and membership has grown to over 60 people.

We believe that the best way to ensure the long-term protection of the cemetery is to get more people caring about it, either by volunteering there, or reading about it, or by attending one of our tours or public talks, or tracking down family graves.

We aim to look after everyone in our cemetery, be they labourers, nurses, children, sailors, housewives, business owners, domestic servants, priests, returned servicemen, farmers, politicians, homeless people, teachers, whoever… we believe that every grave is important.  

We are very active in our community and are looking for people interested in joining us as we develop our group. Contact us at if you want to be a part of this great community experience.

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The Birth of the FOSBC
An account of the events leading up to the establishment of the Friends of South Brisbane Cemetery in the 2000s.