Cemetery Residents - H

cemetery residents - h
Advertisement featuring gardening tools as sold by AJ Hockings. (John Oxley Library)

HANCOCK, Josias Henry (1875–1945), timber merchant (web article)

HANSON, John and Grace, local residents (PDF article)

HARRISON, John (1860-87), executed murderer (web article)
HASLAM, Thomas Patrick (1833-77), teacher (PDF article)

HIRST, Ellen and WilliamEnglish migrants (PDF article)

HOCKINGS, Albert John (1826-90), politician and cemetery trustee (webpage)

HOCKINGS, Jane (1796-1870) first burial in the cemetery (webpage)

The HODGEN family, multiple child deaths (webpage)

HORROCKS, Charles Colville (1844-96), public servant (PDF article)

HUXHAM, John Saunders (1861–1949), politician (web article)

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