Database & Mapping Project

The FOSBC’s ‘South Brisbane Cemetery Database and Mapping Project’ (DMP) will record biographical data about every person in the cemetery, along with detailed information about their graves, and make it available in a searchable database. We are also developing a complementary mapping component.

The DMP will create a definitive record of the cemetery for all time, answering unresolved questions such as how many people are interred in the cemetery. The official cemetery records are incomplete, and issues with their inaccuracy were noted as far back as the 1890s. Brisbane City Council estimates there are around 19,500 graves in the cemetery, containing the remains of just over 36,000 people. Anecdotal evidence suggests there could be many more there. Our researchers know there are people missing from the records, so this project should give us the closest estimate yet regarding numbers.

The DMP will also subsequently encourage in-depth research both now and in the future by allowing quick access to data about those laid to rest in the cemetery, including occupations, causes of death, mortality rates, demographics, etc.

This is obviously a substantial undertaking for the volunteers and we do anticipate it will take a long time. However, we will not be starting from scratch because a huge amount of data was recorded by FOSBC founders Tracey, Roma and Marilyn during 2005-10 (and more since). This will form the basis of the expanded project.

We are also appealing for any old photos of the deceased and/or the graves to add to the DMP. Please email us if you can assist us with this.

You can help support this project via the link below: