Cemetery Residents - R

cemetery residents - r
Sydney H. Ross

ROSS, Sydney Henderson (1869-1924) first ever goalkeeper for Liverpool F.C. (webpage)

ROWE, Minna (c. 1831-1901), businesswoman (webpage)

The RUDDY family. Some members of this family have the distinction of being buried within the cemetery, on the land that they once lived on. John (1821–73) and Elizabeth (1821-91) arrived in Brisbane with their eight children on board the Rockcliff in 1863. During the 1870s-‘90s they lived on land at Princess Street, Fairfield, directly next to the South Brisbane Cemetery. This area was known as ‘Hopeville’ at the time, as it was once owned by Louis Hope. Their daughter Elizabeth Ruddy married Tom Magee, the sexton of the cemetery. The land that the Ruddy family occupied was sold to become part of the cemetery extensions circa 1904. What is now called Heffernan Street, in Fairfield, was once known as Ruddy Street.

The children buried in the cemetery are Robert (1855-1911); Elizabeth (1845-1905); James (1841-95); Jane (1842-1916) and Margaret (1858-1934). Several grandchildren are also buried within the cemetery.

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