Tracey Olivieri

Tracey is a cemetery historian, founder of the original Friends of South Brisbane Cemetery, current president of the group, and the lead guide on most of our tours. She was brought up in the local area and has a lifetime association with the cemetery, which she often played in as a young girl. Her work in this place that she refers to as ‘The Old Girl’ is a true labour of love for her.

Tracey is the most knowledgeable person on the planet when it comes to South Brisbane Cemetery, having photographed and recorded every single grave in there in the years since 2005. She led small tour groups of friends in the cemetery as far back as 1995, and has done regular tour guiding there since 2010. She has also authored publications such as In the Beginning and The Ghosts of South Brisbane Cemetery, and continues to lead extensive research on the people laid to rest within the cemetery. Tracey has long been a passionate advocate for the cemetery, and successfully lobbied for the return of previously removed headstones during construction of the nearby Busway.

Tracey, South Brisbane Cemetery, 2019. (Image: ABC)