HANCOCK, Josias Henry (1875–1945) timber merchant (web article)

HARRISON, John (1860-87) executed murderer (web article)

HASLAM, Thomas Patrick (1833-77) teacher (PDF article)

HIRST, Ellen and WilliamEnglish migrants (PDF article)

Hockings, Albert John (1826-90), the son of Thomas and Jane Hockings, was born in St Martin-in-the-FieldsLondonEngland. The family emigrated to Australia in 1841 and moved to Brisbane shortly afterwards. Albert became a seed merchant, with nurseries at West End, and published a number of books on gardening. In his day he was one of Brisbane’s best-known citizens, and served as an alderman in the first Brisbane Municipal Council (1859), mayor in both 1865 and 1867, and as MLA in 1876.

Advertisement featuring gardening tools as sold by AJ Hockings. (John Oxley Library)

Albert was one of the first subscribers to Brisbane Grammar School. He was also one of the original trustees of the South Brisbane Cemetery. His mother Jane (1796-1870) had the honour of being the first recorded burial in South Brisbane Cemetery on 1 August 1870 and her beautiful monument still stands today.

Albert married Elizabeth Bailey (c.1822-1907) in 1851 and they had nine children together. He died in November 1890, Elizabeth died in 1907, and they are buried together at the cemetery.

The Hodgen family grave is a tragic reminder of the high infant mortality rates of the late 19th century. The bodies of Samuel (1854-1921) and Sarah Hodgen (1851-1941) lie here, as do their children Charles (13-15 June 1884); Frank (May 1885-May 1886); Edwyn (1890-93); and Dorothy (June-September 1894).

Samuel was originally from Manchester, England, and arrived in Australia as a young child. After living in Toowoomba in the 1860s he wrote for a number of newspapers before working for the government Hansard staff from 1884 until his death, which was caused by heart attack. He married Sarah Bulcock in 1883.

HORROCKS, Charles Colville (1844-96) public servant (PDF article)

HUXHAM, John Saunders (1861–1949) politician (web article)