Why are our tours the absolute best cemetery night tours in south-east Queensland?

  • Our tours feature only REAL History - everything you hear will be factual and sourced from historical records.
  • You can ask questions and chat with the guides about cemetery history. They are genuine historians - not actors - and know their subject inside and out.
  • Our staff are volunteers and genuinely love the South Brisbane Cemetery. They spend more time in there than anyone else, cleaning, researching, and assisting the public. This love shines through in the tours.
  • So affordable - only $15/$10 concession, with special group discounts! 
  • Tours are not-for-profit and all revenue goes to cemetery history and maintenance projects - so you're helping a good cause!

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Tour information and conditions 
(South Brisbane) / Tour information and conditions (Toowong)

We run (not-for-profit) history tours on Fridays and other selected times at South Brisbane Cemetery and other south-east cemeteries, such as Toowong, Mount Gravatt and Ipswich. Our tours sell out and earn rave reviews - check out our (genuine) testimonials. Your tour options include:

Moonlight Tour: A family-friendly walk through the cemetery featuring a mix of general history and the stories of some of the residents within there. You'll appreciate the serene atmosphere of this special place. Suitable for ages 8 years and up.

Gruesome Graveyards: This night tour focusses on some of the more macabre aspects and amazing stories about Queensland cemeteries. For ages 12 and over.

Hangman's Walk - South Brisbane Cemetery: On this night tour we visit the graves of people involved in capital punishment, including the hangman and those he hanged, to tell the bloody and remarkable story of hanging in Queensland. Contains adult themes and confronting imagery. For ages 14 and over.

Hangman's Walk - Toowong Cemetery: On this night tour we visit the graves of people involved in capital punishment - including the hangman and those he hanged - to tell the bloody story of hanging in Queensland. A similarly-themed tour to the South Brisbane Cemetery 'Hangman's Walk', but with different people and graves. Contains adult themes and confronting imagery. For ages 14 and over.

Ghost Stories of South Brisbane Cemetery: Not a typical 'ghost tour' - this is a look at the folklore of the paranormal. Join a cemetery historian, a paranormal historian, and a (skeptical) professional historian for a walk around the cemetery as they talk about the cultural and historical context of some ghost stories. For ages 12 and over.

The Women of South Brisbane Cemetery: Visit the graves of people whose stories tell us a lot about the lives of women in Queensland's past. Contains adult themes. Suitable for ages 12 and over.

Haunts of Brisbane - South Brisbane Cemetery: Join ‘Haunts of Brisbane’ creator Liam Baker for a unique night tour that focusses on some of the ghost stories, cemetery folklore and the horrible history surrounding this priceless heritage-listed site.

The Other Side of South Brisbane Cemetery: An all-new tour exploring the newer side (opened 1904) of the cemetery, discovering some of the interesting people interred there, and the early history of cemeteries. A family-friendly tour.

The Haunts of Brisbane - Toowong Cemetery: Hear amazing true stories of the Moreton Bay Penal Settlement, Brisbane's lost graveyard, horrific hangings, bloody murders, and be prepared for some spine-tingling tales of the ghosts that are 'said' to reside within Toowong Cemetery.

Murder and Mayhem! Hear tragically true tales of murder, disaster, suicide, massacres, lethal insanity and hanging involving those who were laid to rest within this historical cemetery.

The Dying Arts: Take a night-time stroll on the artistic side through this beautiful and historical cemetery. Visit the graves of the poets, musicians, painters, writers and sculptors who lie within there, and hear their stories. 

Private Group Night Tours: Explore the cemetery at night with just you and your friends. Choose from the different tour below, or tailor your own tour. Just $10 per person.

Why are our tours selling out and earning rave reviews?

1. We know our stuff!
Our guides are leading experts in their subject matter, and our material is factually correct. The integrity of our content matters to us. If you want TRUE history - book with us!

2. We talk with you. 
Our guides take a friendly, conversational approach to the tour, chatting with you and answering your questions.

3. Best prices! 
Just $15/$10 concession, with family and group discounts also available. Our tours are not-for-profit, and all monies raised go to history and heritage projects, developing the Friends of South Brisbane Cemetery, and covering basic tour costs.

Our tours generally last for 2 to 2½ hours, depending on the level of customer interaction.

So book a tour with us and see why we are the #1 cemetery tour operators in the south-east!