The old burial records for South Brisbane Cemetery are unfortunately difficult to find and there is precious little information about the cemetery at the Queensland State Archives.

There is an online Brisbane City Council ‘grave location search’ facility which is very useful although not 100% accurate because some names are spelled differently to other records and might not be listed in their correct grave location. However, that website is still a very good place to begin your search.

Another very good website is the ‘Australian Cemeteries Index’, which features a lot of data provided by the FOSBC, including many headstone photographs.

Even so, there are still tens of thousands people of people ‘missing’ from these records, but the meticulous research of Friends of South Brisbane Cemetery volunteers using their own sources has so far turned up thousands of those people and restored their names to history.

The FOSBC have recorded and photographed every grave in the cemetery and also have access to some rare records. They might be able to help with your search, but please note the volunteers might not always have time to deal with lengthy queries. The FOSBC can be contacted at Donations for this work are welcome.

South Brisbane Cemetery's entry in the Queensland Heritage Register can be found here.