The South Brisbane Cemetery has had many ups and downs since it opened back in 1870, from the proud early years as a grand municipal cemetery, to its sad decline during the later part of the 20th century, and then its resurgence as a heritage-listed site that is attracting renewed public interest.

The following pages cover different aspects of the history of this important touchstone to our past.

Cemetery History: A range of articles about various aspects of South Brisbane Cemetery history.

Cemetery People: A look at the many people involved in the history of the cemetery, including the sextons, undertakers, stonemasons, and of course the people interred and memorialised there.

Cemetery Heritage: Learn about why the cemetery is heritage listed and some of the threats it faces, the fascinating array of monuments within it, and what the future may hold.

Research: How to find out more about the cemetery and the people inside it.

Boggo Books: A range of affordable books about the cemetery and other local history.