Cemetery Residents - Z

The ZOHN family. John Henry Zohn (Heinrich) (1871-72) was the ten-month old son of John Henry (Johann Heinrich) (c.1847-1902) and Minnie (Wilhemine Caroline, nee Bleck) Zohn (c.1848-78). Originally from Germany, they were married in the Lutheran Church, North Brisbane in 1870. Their children were John Henry, John Christopher and Emily Louise (1875-1916). After the death of Minnie, Johann married widow Annie Vousden (nee Sailer) in 1879. They had four children, including Henry William (b. and d. 1880).

John Henry Snr. was a butcher who owned a shop on Stanley Street in the early 1870s, when the area was still known as the ‘One-Mile Swamp’. He later lived on Bowen Street, near Annerley Junction.

Little John Henry and Minnie were buried in the same grave in portion 7O, but their headstone was later removed by the Brisbane City Council during the ‘Beautification Scheme’. It was unearthed during the Busway construction around 2006. The headstone was initially placed on the grave of John Zohn, the father, but after pressure from the Friends of South Brisbane Cemetery it was laid back over the correct original grave of John Henry and Minnie.

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