Cemetery Residents - A

cemetery residents - a
John Appel

AFFLECK, John (1832-1910) The Affleck families arrived from Scotland in 1855 and were pioneers of the timber industry in Warwick, Killarney Queensland from 1856 and were later to establish Glenmore Estate Swanfells District.

ANDREWS, Lyle (1916-52) was the son of Frank Andrews and Ada Medhurst. He married Dorothy Guy in 1937 and they lived in Montague Road, West End, Brisbane. Lyle was the father to three foster children – Lesley, Elaine and Norman. He worked as a truck driver, and in April 1952, while driving along the Ipswich to Rosewood Road at 3-Mile Bridge, his truck went through a guard rail and plunged 35 feet into the Bremer River below. He died instantly. It was fourth accident to occur on the bridge within the 12 months, with only Lyle`s proving fatal.

ANGUS, Alexander Stewart and family, steamer captain (PDF article)

APPEL, John George (1859-1929), politician (web article)

APPEL, Ruth (d. 1935), Mayoress (newspaper obituary)

AUSTIN, Ernest (1890-1913), executed murderer (web article)

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