Our Vision

We see the South Brisbane Cemetery as part church, part park... a place of quiet beauty, spirituality, contemplation, birdsong, tranquility and peace. The ground has been made sacred, to be a keeping place of memory and love. As such, it should be treated with respect.

It is a great place to relax in a shady spot in the late afternoon or early morning. We want people to visit the cemetery and quietly enjoy hanging out there and soaking up the unique atmosphere there, maybe with a picnic.

South Brisbane Cemetery, November 2018. (FOSBC)

As adults, we can appreciate these beautiful qualities in the cemetery. We do understand that some children might find it to be 'spooky' or 'creepy', but our mission to help everyone come to love the true nature of South Brisbane Cemetery.

We also strongly believe that it is important to ensure that any retelling of the cemetery history is accurate and does not distort the real history of the place.

Most of all, we want to engender a greater public appreciation and understanding of the importance of South Brisbane Cemetery, so that more people will value and protect this wonderful heritage place into the future.