Upcoming Tours 2019

The following linked tours are currently available for booking. More events will be added to the schedule closer to tour dates.

Friday 23 August: The Dying Arts (South Brisbane Cemetery)
Sunday 25 August: Murder and Mayhem (South Brisbane Cemetery)

Friday 13 September: Gruesome Graveyards (South Brisbane Cemetery)
Thursday 19 September: Haunts of Brisbane - Toowong Cemetery
Friday 27 September: Hangman’s Walk - South Brisbane Cemetery
Sunday 29 September:  Murder and Mayhem (South Brisbane Cemetery)

Thursday 10 October: Haunts of Brisbane - Toowong Cemetery
Friday 11 October: Tragic Tales (South Brisbane Cemetery)
Friday 25 October: The Women of South Brisbane Cemetery
Sunday 27 October: Ghost Stories of South Brisbane Cemetery

Friday 8 November: Hangman’s Walk - South Brisbane Cemetery
Friday 22 November: Moonlight Tour

Friday 13 December: Gruesome Graveyards (South Brisbane Cemetery)