Threats to Cemetery Heritage

The heritage fabric and values of South Brisbane Cemetery are under threat from a number of fronts. The following pages describe some of the dangers facing the cemetery.


Trees and Heritage: Finding the Right Balance
The cemetery is adorned with many fine trees, but some trees present a serious danger to the grave monuments there - as you will see on this page.

Watery Graves: Floods at the Cemetery
This riverside cemetery has occasionally been hit by major flooding. How much damage was caused, and how did the community respond?


Vandalism: A Modern Scourge?
This is a continuing scourge - but is it just a modern problem? Find out here.

Bad Spirits and Bad History
Not all damage is physical. Why is it important to focus on 'real history' at a place like the South Brisbane Cemetery?

Protecting the Cemetery
What role do ordinary people have in protecting the cemetery into the future? (Page under construction)