Cemetery Residents

Who's Who in the South Brisbane Cemetery?

Did you know that there are about 100,000 people buried in the cemetery!

Old cemeteries are touchstones to our history. The headstone styles, the inscriptions, the layout of the grounds, can all tell us something about funerary practices and culture of years gone by, but it is the people buried inside cemeteries who truly reflect the history of a place. Every individual buried there has a story to tell, and to paraphrase the old TV show The Naked City, ‘There are a hundred thousand stories in the South Brisbane Cemetery’.

This ongoing work will feature short biographies for a few of those residents, and will slowly build up over time. Check through this alphabetical index to see which people are featured so far:

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Share Your Story Here!

Do you have a relative or friend who you would like to see included in these pages? We'd love to hear from you. Just send us their story via email text or word doc and we will format it for inclusion here (if it is relevant). Images are welcome.

We are interested in getting the stories of 'ordinary' people who have little-to-no presence in the history books. They do not need to have lived incredibly dramatic lives. We believe that it would be nice for them to be remembered in this manner by their descendants.

Please try and keep your submission within a 300 word limit. This is best achieved by not including too many dates or minor details of a person's life.

Please note: This is not a project to just 'list' names of those buried in the cemetery. Such records can be found elsewhere (see our Research page), so while we appreciate your response, we will not be publishing submissions that only consist of a name or grave number.