Your 'Ghost Stories of South Brisbane Cemetery' Guides

Tracey Olivieri is a cemetery historian and founder and president of the Friends of South Brisbane Cemetery. She was brought up in the local area and has a lifetime association with the cemetery, which she often played in as a young girl. Tracey is the most knowledgeable person there is when it comes to South Brisbane Cemetery, having photographed and recorded every grave in there. She led small tour groups in the cemetery as far back as 1995, and has done regular tour guiding at the cemetery since 2010. She has also authored publications such as 'The Ghosts of South Brisbane Cemetery'. Tracey has a long record of involvement in community organisations, most notably in the regional management of Cub Scouts.

Tracey Olivieri

Chris Dawson is a member of the Professional Historians Association (Queensland) and has extensive experience in writing and tour guiding. He also serves on the committees of several community heritage organisations. Chris is a skeptic and a misery-guts has been involved in successfully getting fraudulent 'ghost hunts' banned in various locations, but retains an interest in the paranormal and is the only person to have spent the night alone in a Boggo Road cellblock. He also writes for the 'Ghosts Schmosts...' website.

Chris Dawson

Liam Baker worked for many years as a consultant archaeologist, historian, cemetery tour guide, genealogist and author. He is the author and director of 'Haunts of Brisbane', the co-presenter of Naked Zombie TV, and has extensive experience in the paranormal field. He prides himself on conducting his work with integrity and accuracy.

Liam Baker

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