Queensland Cemetery History Tours

We now run all our various not-for-profit tours under the 'Queensland Cemetery History Tours' banner. Why?

For a start, we have learned that a lot of people are not interested in 'paranormal' tours and want to experience Real History tours in cemeteries. And right now there are very few Real History night tours on offer across Queensland's historical cemeteries. So we aim to offer such tours where possible.

We are passionate about historic cemeteries - all of them. They share a common thread and historical themes that all connect together. We want to raise awareness, understanding and appreciation of their significance, with our simple message of ‘love, respect, protect’ - these cemeteries are all places of love, and their historical values deserve respecting and protecting.

So far we have run our Real History tours in South Brisbane, Toowong, Ipswich and Mount Gravatt and they have proved to be very popular. Hopefully we can bring you more in the future.