Our Achievements

The members of the FOSBC have conducted an enormous amount of work in the cemetery over the years.

We have documented every grave in the cemetery and helped to correct official records where necessary. Most of our photographs can be seen on the Australian Cemeteries Index website.

We have also assisted hundreds of people with their family history enquiries.

We have lobbied and worked with federal, state and local governments over cemetery-related issues with various levels of success. These issues include:

  • the return of headstones excavated during the construction of the Busway 
  • the installation of boom gates on the cemetery entrances 
  • improved security surveillance of the cemetery 
  • changing trespass by-laws 
  • debunking false 'history' stories about the cemetery
  • clamping down on illegal grave restorations 
  • banning inappropriate and disrespectful commercial activities within the cemetery 

Over the years we have cleaned out every single section of the cemetery, although this work is never-ending and of course many sections revert to an untidy state over time.

After the cemetery was flooded in January 2011 we organised two of the biggest community events ever seen in the place - the 'Sister Suburb Sunday' clean-up with Channel 7, and the 'Great Graveyard Shift' clean up. Both events attracted over 100 volunteers. We continue to organise occasional clean-ups at the cemetery.

One of our cemetery clean-ups, 2011 (FOSBC)

We have written a number of affordable booklets about the history of the cemetery and local area, which can be seen here.

FOSBC convenors Tracey Olivieri and Chris Dawson were awarded the Viva Cribb Bursary in 2011 for their book 'In Heavenly Garb: The Headstones of the Ipswich General Cemetery'.

We have run many cemetery tour events over the years, including the 'Stories in Stone' open days and 'Moonlight Tours'. We are currently finalising details of a brand-new range of tours at the cemetery.

South Brisbane Cemetery Moonlight Tour, 2013. (FOSBC)