Why is the Cemetery Heritage-Listed?

South Brisbane Cemetery is listed on both the Queensland Heritage Register (Queensland Government) and the Brisbane Heritage Register (Brisbane City Council). This offers the place certain protections, and also regulates what can be done in the cemetery regarding headstone repairs, etc.

Please note that certain headstones restorations will require permission from the relevant heritage body.

The following information is reproduced from the Queensland Heritage Register.

South Brisbane Cemetery, ID #602406. Principal Period of Significance: 1870-1990s (fabric) 1870-1990s (Historical use)

Criterion A

South Brisbane Cemetery is one of the earliest cemeteries in Queensland. It was established in 1866 and has been in use since 1870. In its form, memorials and plantings it provides evidence for the history of Brisbane and of European burial customs in Queensland.

Criterion C
South Brisbane Cemetery has the potential to reveal information on changes in burial customs of the 19th and 20th centuries and on the social fabric of the area it serves from evidence provided by the memorials and inscriptions it contains.

Criterion D
South Brisbane Cemetery is a fine example of a public cemetery in use since 1870 and includes memorials ranging from those of prominent early residents to prisoners of Brisbane Gaol. The parklike setting of the cemetery, its elevated location to minimize health risk and its inclusion of all religious denominations are typical of late 19th century cemeteries.

Criterion E
South Brisbane Cemetery has aesthetic value as a picturesque public area comprising elements of landscape, mature trees, plantings, built structures and memorials. Many of the monuments in South Brisbane Cemetery have aesthetic significance due to the high quality of workmanship and design used in their construction.

Criterion G
South Brisbane Cemetery has a special association with the community of Brisbane for social and spiritual reasons. It forms an essential component of the ritual of honouring and remembering the dead which continues to be important to the community.