The 'New Cemetery' of 1904

By the early 20th century it was clear that the original cemetery reserve was too small to deal with the booming population requirements of Brisbane, and in 1901 the sexton informed the trustees that he believed the cemetery would be full within 18 months, after which time it would have to be closed. It was suggested that either the existing cemetery be extended, or a new one opened at Wolston in southern Brisbane.

A proposal to extend the cemetery by six chains into the recreation reserve on the northern boundary met with strong opposition from local residents and was rejected. In June 1904 an extra 7 acres were added to the southern boundary of the cemetery, effectively closing off one section of Cornwall Street.

The extent of the ‘new cemetery’ extension is shown in this 1916 map. Sections of Cornwall and Ruddy streets shown within the cemetery here were later removed and used as burial ground.