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Yates, George Henry (1899-1949) lived in a small shanty hut among the bushes near an allotment on Mayfield Street, Moorooka. He made a living by gardening and collecting bottles and firewood in a horse and cart. One February night in 1949 he confronted three youths who had been shooting hares and wallabies in nearby scrub and accused them of interfering with his horse. There was a heated argument and one of boys shot him in chest with a .32 Winchester rifle at close range. During the subsequent trial, 18-year-old Richard Barnett claimed that he had acted in self-defence after George swung at him with a stick, but he was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

Yorston, Grace Elizabeth (1863-96): Grace Yorston drowned in the Pearl disaster on the Brisbane River, 13 February 1896. This was reported in the Brisbane Courier (14 February 1896):
'A terrible accident occurred on the river a short distance below Victoria Bridge last evening about 5 minutes past 5 o’clock. All traffic having been stopped on the bridge, the small steamer Pearl left the Queen’s wharf for the Musgrave Wharf, South Brisbane. The vessel carried a large compliment of passengers. Accounts vary to the number on board but it is thought it was between 80 and 100. The flood water was at the time running fairly strong, but not strong enough to interfere greatly with the handling of the steamer. On the journey across the Pearl steamed down the river a short distance in order to pass between the steamer Normanby and the Government steamer Lucinda. The Pearl, avoiding the Normanby, was carried by the current broadside on to the anchor chains of the Lucinda. The Pearl suddenly capsized, and it is thought that she was almost cut in two by the force of the collision.'
The Pearl sinks in the Brisbane River (State Libray of Queensland)