Kenniff, Patrick (1865-1903): Patrick Kenniff was hanged at Boggo Road gaol in 1903 for the murder of a station manager and a policeman. Kenniff had been charged for the crime alongside his brother James, who was also found guilty but had his death sentence commuted. The murder (in the Mitchell district), the long hunt for the suspects, the trial, the appeal and the execution were all front-page news. The case became politically charged, with the Kenniffs having the sympathy of many working-class people. Huge pro-Kenniff rallies and benefit concerts were held in Brisbane, but the cause was lost. His funeral procession was reported to consist of 60 vehicles, 26 flower wreaths and 400 people on foot. By the time the cortege reached the cemetery the attendance was estimated at more than 1,000 people.

Kollmar, Christian (1857-1935), German-born South Brisbane resident. Read his obituary here.