Flora and Fauna

The cemetery is a significant heritage place, but it is also has environmental qualities. With urban development increasing in the local area, the cemetery and the neighbouring parkland create a valuable island of various tree species and their attendant fauna.

Among the many trees found here are Tallowwood, Brown Bloodwood, Spotted Gum, Pink Bloodwood, Southern Silky Oak, jacaranda, poinciana, Moreton Bay Figs Swamp Mahogany, Brushbox, and Kauri Pines.

The cemetery also provides a home or a feeding point for such animals as flying foxes, ringtail possums, green treefrogs, snakes, water dragons, and bluetongue lizards. Possum boxes can be seen in some of the larger trees.

There are numerous bird species, including scrub turkeys, tawny frogmouths, crows, channel-billed cuckoos, Brown Goshawk, and the resident kookaburras.

The Friends of South Brisbane Cemetery are interested in hearing if you have spotted any other fauna species in the cemetery. Photos are also appreciated (please send to friendscemetery@gmail.com).