Davies, Sam Stephen (d.1927). Read the obituary of S.S. Davies here.

Deighton, Edward (1833-94) (left) was originally from Cambridge, England, and emigrated to Australia in 1852. He became a successful public servant, and was the Under-Secretary for Works and Railways from 1877-88.

He owned the large ‘Deighton Estate’ near the cemetery, bounded by Annerley Road, Gladstone Road and Gloucester Street. The family left a lasting mark on the local area as many of the streets in this area now bear the names of his family members, his hometown, and his ‘Wacumbah’ house. He and his wife Emma had nine children.

Denham, Hon. Digby Frank (1859-44) (right): 18th Premier of Queensland, from February 1911 to June 1915. Digby Denham was born on 25 January 1859 at Langport, Somerset, England. In 1893 Denham entered local government as a member of the Stephens Divisional Board where he served for nine years, four as chairman. In June 1902 he was elected to the Legislative Assembly for Oxley. In April 1904, Denham became minister for agriculture and for public works. Denham's major contribution was the 1910 Land Act, which consolidated the Acts and amendments of the previous fifty years and removed much confusion. He was widely praised for his grasp of the legislation. After the election Denham carried the Industrial Peace Act (1912) which established an Industrial Court that did not recognize trade unions. By 1913 he was running into increasing problems with the farmers' representatives in his party. At the end of that year, prior to his visit to Britain, Denham exacerbated his problems by holding a plebiscite among his parliamentary colleagues on the acting premiership rather than making the customary nomination. At the outbreak of war, however, he exhibited firmness in introducing legislation to deal with meat companies and other businesses which had tried to exploit the confusion. At the election in May 1915, the Liberals were defeated and Denham lost his own seat. He keenly supported the establishment of the University of Queensland and the building of its Women's College. He also worked hard in support of a Queensland ambulance service. The name Annerley, which was adopted from a place of that name in England was selected by Denham. He died on 10 May 1944 at Annerley. His family declined a state funeral.

Dods, Joseph Espie (1875-1930) (left) was born in London in 1874, a year before his father’s death. His mother Elizabeth moved to Brisbane with him and brothers soon afterwards, and married Charles Marks, a surgeon, in 1879. Joseph later studied medicine in Edinburgh and Public Health in Dublin. He returned to Brisbane in 1899 and set off for the Boer War, where he served as a Captain in the Army Medical Corps. During this conflict he was awarded the Queen’s Medal with four clasps. After returning to Queensland, he was appointed Government Medical Officer, a position he held until 1930. Dods married Anna Ruth Walker in 1906, and they lived in a townhouse/surgery on Wickham Terrace that had been designed by his brother Robin, a famous architect of the day. They had three children during the next few years. At the outbreak of World War 1, Dods rejoined the Army Medical Corps, attached to the 5th Light Horse Regiment. Between May-August 1915 he served at Gallipoli and was awarded the Military Cross. In August 1915 he was badly wounded by shrapnel while retrieving wounded men from the battlefield, but returned to the front lines a couple of months later. Dods then served at Pozieres during the Battle of the Somme in 1916. Once again he displayed great bravery and was awarded the Distinguished Service Order, and by the end of the war he had been promoted to Lt-Colonel. After returning home he ran a General Practice from his home, and another son was born in 1920. During this time Dod served as President of the Queensland branch of the AMA, the Medical Defence society, and president of the Queensland Club. Despite his esteemed position and his loving family, Joseph Espie Dods hanged himself at home in December 1930 for reasons which remain unknown. He was 56 years old.

Downs, Robert Kerr (1899-1929), market dealer. Read RK Downs' obituary here, and the funeral report here.

Duke, Emma (Sister) (d.1937), nurse. Read her obituary here.