FOSBC 3-Year Membership: Free Books List

People taking out a three-year membership with the FOSBC can choose one free book from the following list:

In the Beginning: The early years of South Brisbane Cemetery 
(Tracey Olivieri, 2008)
The South Brisbane Cemetery was established in the 1860s and remains one of Queensland’s most historic and beautiful cemeteries. This fascinating book, the first in the new ‘Stories in Stone’ series from Inside History publishers, looks at the creation and changing shape of the original cemetery, and also the lives of some of the prominent locals buried within its grounds. 

RRP $6.50 - 48 pages, with illustrations and bibliography

Rock of Ages: South Brisbane Cemetery Symbolism 
(Olivieri/Dawson, 2008)
There is a surprising array of gravestone symbolism in the South Brisbane Cemetery. Ships and anchors, palettes and lambs, angels and cherubs, Russian and Celtic crosses, and a variety of plants and flowers that held a range of meanings for Victorian-era people. Rock of Ages provides an attractive photographic record of these headstones.

RRP $8.50 - 76 pages, fully illustrated
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The Ghosts of South Brisbane Cemetery
(Tracey Olivieri, 2010)
South Brisbane Cemetery's foremost historian, Tracey Olivieri, grew up in the local area and played in the cemetery as a child, and has drawn from her lifetime experience to produce this new book on the spookier side of cemetery stories. Tracey has known many of these stories (such as the 'Silver Man') for decades. She also busts a few myths along the way.

RRP $8.50 - 40 pages, fully illustrated
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Hong Kong to Toowong: Chinese burials in the Brisbane General Cemetery 
(Leonie Gane, 2008)
Much of the history of Queensland's Chinese pioneers lies forgotten in the Toowong Cemetery. This book seeks to fill in a few of the blanks and give a face to some of the Chinese names in the cemetery register. It also takes a look at Chinese beliefs and burial customs, answering such questions as, 'what are the Bucket of Troubled Origins' and the 'Spirit that Clears the Way'?

RRP $8.50 - 64 pages, with illustrations and endnotes
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The Prisoners of Toowong Cemetery: Life, Death & the old Petrie Terrace Gaol
(Christopher Dawson, 2006)
23 men died in Brisbane Gaol, Petrie Terrace, during 1875-82, and were buried in Toowong Cemetery. Find out; How a horribly bungled Brisbane hanging drew the attention of Downing Street; How the 'Aboriginal Ned Kelly' ended up in Berlin; Why a university still has the heads of two of the executed prisoners; and how a convicted child molester became Queensland's executioner.

RRP $8.50 - 72 pages, with illustrations, endnotes and bibliography
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Absolute Fairyland: Heady days in Dutton Park 
(Christopher Dawson, 2006)
The arrival of the electric tramway in the 1900s turned the neglected riverside reserve Dutton Park into 'the most picturesque and charming open-air resort in Australia'. The 'Continentals' of live performers and silent movies drew up to 5,000 people per night to the park. By the Depression, however, the park was a shanty town of relief workers. This is the story of the rise and fall of a suburban park.

RRP $8.50 - 46 pages with illustrations and endnotes
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The One & Only Boggo Road:The history of a unique suburban street 
(Christopher Dawson, 2008)
Annerley Road grew from an 1850s bullock track to become a unique road with a unique name. This book covers the years from when Indigenous people camped in a rich environment, to the development of the 'One-Mile Swamp' and 'Boggo'. By that time the road was home to one of the state's oldest cemeteries and most notorious prison, and a 19th century legacy that survives to this day.

RRP $8.50 - 76 pages, with illustrations and endnotes
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