South Brisbane Cemetery 'Areas of Interest' Map Guide

The pages linked below have more information about the 'Areas of Interest' marked on the large map signs in the South Brisbane Cemetery.

Selina Brown (drowning victim) - Portion 2F
James Brunton Stephens (poet) - Portion 2A
Thomas and Williamina Mowbray (early East Brisbane) - Portion 3B
Digby Denham (Queensland Premier) - Portion 3B
Minna Rowe (businesswoman) - Portion 3B
Christina Sailer (German graves) - Portion 3B
Robert Shipp (cemetery sexton) - Portion 3B
David Gillies (Gallipoli hero) - Portion 3A
Grace Yorston ('Pearl' disaster victim) - Portion 5A
James Chard ('Pearl' disaster captain) - Portion 5C
Shiskoffs (Russian graves) - Portion 5C
Arthur Cripps (boxing champion) - Portion M
Executed Prisoners - Portion 6B
Patrick Kenniff (hanged for murder) - Portion 6B
Eleanor Bourne (first female medical student in Queensland) - Portion 8B
Arthur Francis (Bubonic Plague victim) - Portion 8B
Thomas Blacket Stephens (mayor and businessman) - Portion 10A
Hodgen family grave (childhood deaths) - Portion 8A
Jane Hockings (first burial in the cemetery) - Portion 8A
Joseph Espie Dods (doctor and war hero) - Portion 9A
Henry O'Reilly (mariner) - Portion 11A
Gregory Brown (train disaster victim) - Portion T
Eliza Gray (piano teacher) - Portion O
Hopeville Estate (former use of southern part of cemetery)
Carl Oscar Fristrom (artist) - Portion 6
James and Johanna Sutherland (Paddington graves) - Portion 4
Marjorie Grimes (Girl Guides pioneer) - Portion 1
Irish graves - Portions 2 and 3

Map on welcome sign in the South Brisbane Cemetery, 2020