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The best cemetery night tours in the Southeast! 

Why are our tours selling out and earning rave reviews?

1. We know our stuff! Our guides are leading experts in their subject matter.

2. We talk with you. Our guides take a friendly, conversational approach to the tour, chatting with you and answering your questions.

3. Best prices! Just $15/$10 concession, with family and group discounts also available. Our tours are not-for-profit, and monies raised go to history and heritage projects, developing the Friends of South Brisbane Cemetery, and covering basic tour costs.

Our tours generally last for 2 to 2½ hours.

Available Tours

Private Group Night Tours
Explore the cemetery at night with just you and your friends. Choose from the different tour below, or tailor your own tour. Just $10 per person.

'A Cemetery by Torchlight'
This is our 'nice' tour - a family-friendly walk through the cemetery featuring the general history of Brisbane graveyards, funerary practices, and some interesting stories. Suitable for ages 8 years and up.

'Gruesome Graveyards'
This night tour focusses on some of the more macabre aspects and stories about Queensland cemeteries. For ages 14 and over.

'Hangman's Walk - South Brisbane Cemetery'
On this night tour we visit the graves of people involved in capital punishment, including the hangman and those he hanged, to tell the bloody and remarkable story of hanging in Queensland. Contain very strong themes. For ages 14 and over.

'Hangman's Walk - Toowong Cemetery'
On this night tour we visit the graves of people involved in capital punishment - including the hangman and those he hanged - to tell the bloody story of hanging in Queensland. A similar tour thematically to the South Brisbane Cemetery 'Hangman's Walk', but with completely different people and graves. Contain very strong themes. For ages 14 and over.

'The Ghosts of South Brisbane Cemetery'
Not a typical 'ghost tour' - this is a next-generation look at the folklore of the paranormal. Join a cemetery historian, a paranormal historian, and a (skeptical) professional historian for a walk around the cemetery as they talk about the cultural and historical context of some ghost stories. For ages 12 and over.

'The Women of South Brisbane Cemetery'
An occasional night tour in which we visit the graves of people whose stories tell us a lot about the lives of women in Queensland's past.

'The Secret Life of the Suburban Cemetery'
A family-friendly 'field guide' exploration of the South Brisbane Cemetery, looking at this beautiful heritage place as an open-air art gallery, museum, nature hub and historical archive. Your guides will talk about headstone anatomy and symbology, evolving burial practices, cemetery flora and fauna, layouts, and heritage issues.

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