South Brisbane Cemetery

What's in Store For Brisbane City Council's Cemeteries in 2016?
A look at the council's new way of approaching cultural activities in our cemeteries.
(December 2015)

140kph Winds vs the South Brisbane Cemetery
Images of storm damage in the cemetery.
(December 2014)

Celebrating the the Trees of South Brisbane Cemetery, & Killing Their Children
A look at the impact of trees on the cemetery, both good and bad. 
(June 2014)

Arrividerci Roma, a Guardian Spirit of the Cemetery
Farewell to a remarkable cemetery volunteer. 
(December 2013)

The Story of the 'Executed Prisoners' Plaque
The drama behind the installation of a historical marker in the South Brisbane Cemetery. 
(July 2013) (A Scaffold High)

Chinchilla Jones and the Legs of Doom 
The remarkable story of a South Brisbane Cemetery resident.
(October 2012)

History Murdered: Conveyed to South Brisbane Cemetery morgue for post-mortem
Exposing the claim that there was a morgue in the South Brisbane Cemetery. 
(December 2011) (Haunts of Brisbane)

The Woman in Black: Solving the mystery of a vanishing ghost
A dubious cemetery ghost story is exposed. 
(December 2011) (About Those Ghosts...

The ghost that haunted South Brisbane Cemetery... from a thousand miles away! 
Controversy rages over fake ghost photo. 
(November 2011) (About Those Ghosts...

Where is Brisbane's Oldest Surviving Municipal Cemetery? 
(July 2011)

The Great Graveyard Shift
Volunteers clean up in the cemetery after the big floods. 
(March 2011)

Big Win for Cemetery Groups as New Vandalism Laws Passed
Laws are introduced making it easier to prosecute cemetery vandals. 
(March 2011)

Karma, the Cemetery and the Floods
How the community came together to clean up the cemetery after the big floods of early 2011.
(January 2011)

Other cemeteries

In Heavenly Garb: Secrets of the Cemetery
A new book on headstone symbolism is launched. 
(August 2012)

Brisbane's Lost Plague Cemetery
An island on the Brisbane River was once used for victims of bubonic plague. 
(December 2011)

The Lost Graveyard of Terranora Creek
A look at a lost graveyard with links to some tragic events near Tweed Heads.
(August 2016)