Tour Testimonials

Tour group at South Brisbane Cemetery, 2017

These are some of the comments that tour guests left online after touring with us:

'This was such a great night. Thank you so much for an informative and very interesting tour. Will definitely be doing more of them.' - Toni Melrose (Women of South Brisbane Cemetery tour, March 2018)

‘Really enjoyed the tour. Thank you Chris and Tracey for the stories and for all the work that you do in keeping the stories alive.’ - Corinne Matthews (Women of South Brisbane Cemetery tour, March 2018)

‘It was an awsome night, just loved it! Thank you so much’ - Lisa Benjamin (Women of South Brisbane Cemetery tour, March 2018)

‘We had a fantastic time and look forward to more. Thanks for sharing’ - Claire Mitchell (Women of South Brisbane Cemetery tour, March 2018)

‘What a great way to celebrate Queensland women, some sad stories, but also inspirational ones. Thank you!’ - Lemise Kassim (Women of South Brisbane Cemetery tour, March 2018)

‘Great night - such amazing history - thank you for sharing all of your knowledge and stories (even if a lot was pretty grim) :)’ - Lou Durham (Women of South Brisbane Cemetery tour, March 2018)

'Thanks Chris and Tracey. This was such a good night! Do you ever do tours at Nundah or anywhere other than SB and toowong?' - Katie Crook (Hangman's Walk, Toowong, November 2017)

‘Great tour, so interesting and Chris made the stories come to life. I'm keen to do the Dutton Park one next. - Libby Storey (Hangman's Walk, Toowong, November 2017)

'Thanks Chris and Tracey. We had a great night and learnt so much - can't believe that was your first tour at Toowong! WeThe cemetery was beautiful at night.’ - Lenore Sullivan (Hangman's Walk, Toowong, November 2017)

‘Thanks for a facinating tour!’ - Di Taylor (Gruesome Graveyards, October 2017)

‘Thank you for having us. It was great.’ - Kylie Hancox (Gruesome Graveyards, October 2017)

‘Was a great night. Looking forward to the next one!’ - Gai Lemon (Gruesome Graveyards, October 2017)

‘Thanks for a most Informative tour guys ,was awesome’ - Naomi Welsh (Gruesome Graveyards, October 2017)

‘Thank you Chris & Tracey! We thoroughly enjoyed it. Our young girls did too!’ - Alison Nita (Hangman’s Walk, South Brisbane, October 2017)

‘Absolutely fascinating tour!! Thankyou so much!’ - Lisa Marie (Hangman’s Walk, South Brisbane, October 2017)

‘That tour was amazing!! We will be back to go on others! Thank you!’ - Kali Burrows (Hangman’s Walk, South Brisbane, October 2017)

‘We thoroughly enjoyed the tour.... informative and very interesting! Definitely recommend!!’ - Toni Galavin (Hangman’s Walk, South Brisbane, October 2017)

'We had a really great night...thank you and we hope to do another one with you soon' - Mischelle Tomé (Private group tour, September 2017)

‘We had a great time last night, the stories were very interesting and it was kinda special being in the cemetery at night. Thank you for being so generous with your time, it was well worth it’ - Lyn Sanderson (Gruesome Graveyards, August 2017)

'Fantastic evening - thank you so much to our tour guides. Especially for answering all the weird and wonderful questions by the kids. - Frances Brock (Gruesome Graveyards, August 2017)

'Great night guys, thanks again, ill be spreading the word.' - Seb Gora (Gruesome Graveyards, June 2017)